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Kidnapped (12A)



The brilliant and revealing story of a Jewish boy is kidnapped from his parents by the church and converted to Catholicism in 1858.

In 1858, in the Jewish quarter of Bologna, Pope Pius IX’s (Paolo Pierobon) soldiers burst into the home of the Mortara family. By order of the cardinal, they have come to take Edgardo, their seven-year-old son, who had been secretly baptized by his nurse as a baby and the papal law is unquestionable: he must receive a Catholic education. Edgardo's parents (Barbara Ronchi and Fausto Russo Alesi) naturally become distraught, and will do anything to get their son back. Supported by public opinion and the international Jewish community, the Mortaras' struggle quickly takes a political dimension. Their will to persevere even into their child’s young adulthood is so inspiring it will both break audiences’ hearts and galvanize them too. The film is blessed with extraordinary cinematography (Francesco Di Giacomo), production design (Andrew Castorina) and editing (Francesca Calvelli, Stefano Mariotti) contributing to a look that is eye-catching from beginning to end. A must-watch. (Subtitles)

Italy 2023 Marco Bellocchio 134m

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Ordinary Angels (12A)

Ordinary Angels

Inspired by the incredible true story of a hairdresser who single-handedly rallies an entire community to help a widowed father save the life of his ill young daughter.

Sharon Steves (Hilary Swank) is a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed Schmitt (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. With his youngest daughter waiting for a liver transplant, Sharon sets her mind to helping the family and will move mountains to do it. What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles, and ordinary angels. This is an engrossing fact-based story that packs in some humour, some intense drama and will undoubtedly induce some tears. There is plenty of suspense that comes out of the story naturally, without the need for any manufactured Hollywood thrills. At a time when we all probably need it, this is a film that will make you feel better about the world… and yourself.

USA 2024 Jon Gunn 118m

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The Holdovers (15)

The Holdovers

A cranky history teacher at a remote prep school is forced to remain on campus over the holidays with a troubled student who has no place to go.

From acclaimed director Alexander Payne (‘Sideways’), we follow a the cynical, curmudgeonly classics instructor (Paul Giamatti) at a Massachusetts prep school who is forced to supervise the unfortunate boys unable to return home for the two-week holiday break. Eventually he forms an unlikely bond with one of them - a damaged, brainy troublemaker (Dominic Sessa) - and with the school's head cook, who has just lost a son in Vietnam (Da'Vine Joy Randolph). The snowy cinematography and nostalgic1970s production design are outstanding. This is one of Payne’s best films - very funny, occasionally touching and a sterling example of the bonds that can be forged by an unlikely family. Critics are tipping this as the dark horse of the awards season (96% on Rotten Tomatoes).

USA 2023 Alexander Payne 133m

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Tell That to the Winter Sea (15)

Tell That to the Winter Sea

A stunning, heartfelt drama exploring the complexities of female relationships and the delicate line between friendship and love.

Celebrating her upcoming marriage, bride-to-be Jo (Greta Bellamacina) invites her childhood friend, and first love, Scarlet (Amber Anderson), on a girls’ trip to a country manor. However, despite drifting apart as adults, unresolved feelings still linger between them while the rest of the group enjoys the weekend away. With Jo about to embark on a new stage in her life, but struggling to let go of the past, she reflects with Scarlet on the young girls they once were, and the women they are becoming. Also stars Tamsin Egerton, Jessica Plummer, Bebe Cave and Josette Simon.

UK 2023 Jaclyn Bethany 92m

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Heathers and Holdovers (15)

Heathers and Holdovers

A Brief History of the School Movie

As Alexander Payne’s ‘The Holdovers’ makes a welcome return to the cinema, this talk will look back at the genre of the school movie and its origins in Victorian fiction.

Sat 1 Jun 10:30

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Swede Caroline (15)

Swede Caroline

In this British Mockumentary, the competitive giant vegetable growing world is rocked by scandal when up-and-coming prospect Caroline has her prized marrow plants stolen.

With Caroline’s (Jo Hartley) life turned upside down and desperate for answers, she turns to two private detectives, who are then dramatically kidnapped. Are the events linked? No, of course not. But Caroline thinks they are and the hunt or her missing marrows takes her way beyond the allotments, plunging her into a national corruption scandal that goes all the way to the top! This very British mockumentary is set in rural Somerset, and also stars Aisling Bea, Richard Lumsden and Fay Ripley. It will not only have you laughing out loud, but it will also surprisingly pull on your heartstrings.

UK 2024 Finn Bruce & Brook Driver 98m

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Message in a Bottle (15)

Message in a Bottle

Sadler’s Wells Ballet

The acclaimed dance theatre production by Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Kate Prince, set to the music of Grammy Award-winning artist Sting. The international refugee crisis is at the centre of this production – an imagined story about one displaced family, and a universal story of loss, fear, survival, hope and love.

Sat 1 Jun 15:45

Sun 2 Jun 12:45

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Sideways (15)


To complement the return of one of the most loved films of the year – ‘The Holdovers’ – we bring you the first collaboration between director Alexander Payne and actor Paul Giamatti, this year celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Struggling writer and wine enthusiast Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his engaged friend, Jack (Thomas Haden Church), on a trip to wine country for a last single-guy bonding experience. While Miles wants to relax and enjoy the wine, Jack is in search of a fling before his wedding. Soon Jack is sleeping with Stephanie (Sandra Oh), while her friend Maya (Virginia Madsen) connects with Miles. When Miles lets slip that Jack is getting married, both women are furious, sending the trip into disarray. This is a superb film about human beings who can be flawed and prickly, but if you go a little deeper, you will see beauty. Features a wonderfully written (Oscar and Bafta-winning) script, with two great lead performances, especially Giamatti.

USA 2004 Alexander Payne 127m

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My National Gallery (PG)

My National Gallery

Exhibition on Screen

Beloved celebrities, devoted staff members and world class experts come together to paint a unique portrait of this iconic British institution for its 200th birthday.

Tue 4 Jun 16:00

Thu 6 Jun 18:00

Tue 11 Jun 12:45

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