Empire of Light (15)

Empire of Light

The ‘love letter to the movies’ genre is revived in this poignant, wonderfully acted drama about love, life and films. Starring Olivia Colman and Colin Firth.

A depressed cinema manager called Hilary, works at the Empire cinema on Margate seafront in 1981 as Britain swan-dives into recession, unemployment and widespread racism. The staff at the Empire are family – of sorts – with a pompous manager, Mr Ellis dedicated projectionist Norman. The Empire has had to close two of its four screens and the entire upstairs bar due to falling ticket sales. But then the Empire hires a new ticket-seller: Stephen, a young Black man who has an instant connection with Hilary and their relationship blossoms. The movie, thanks in great part to another astonishing performance by Colman, slowly casts a spell all its own, eventually conjuring another grand, if slightly odder, piece of fine art from a master craftsman.

UK/USA 2022 Sam Mendes 119m

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Tár (15)


Cate Blanchette is utterly magnetic as an imperious maestro in this ultra-stylish drama with a shocking climax.

From writer-producer-director Todd Field comes TÁR, starring Cate Blanchett as Lydia Tár, the groundbreaking conductor of a major German Orchestra. We meet Tár at the height of her career, as she's preparing both a book launch and much-anticipated live performance of Mahler's Fifth Symphony. Over the ensuing weeks her life begins to unravel in a singularly modern way. The result is a searing examination of power, and its impact and durability in today's society. An engrossing piece of cinema, even thrilling, that keeps us wrapped around its finger for a two-and-a-half-hour-plus running time that feels far shorter than that.

USA 2022 Todd Field 158m

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Bait (15)


Tension rises to the breaking point in a Cornwall fishing village when the local citizens are crowded out by tourists. Hailed as a modern masterpiece by Mark Kermode.

Modern-day Cornish fisherman Martin (Edward Rowe) is struggling to buy a boat while coping with family rivalry and the influx of London money, Airbnb and stag parties to his harbour village. The summer season brings simmering tensions between the locals and newcomers to boiling point, with tragic consequences. Mark Jenkin has given us a brilliantly original, intriguing and deeply engaging story which is sure to resonate with anyone who has spent any amount of time in Cornwall as a tourist or otherwise. Jenkin’s latest, Enys Men is showing from Friday 10 February.

UK 2019 Mark Jenkin 89m

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The Old Way (15)

The Old Way

An aging gunslinger and his daughter must face the consequences of his past, when the son of a man he murdered years ago arrives to take his revenge.

Nicholas Cage stars in his first Western as Colton Briggs, a cold-blooded gunslinger turned respectable family man. When an outlaw and his gang put Colton and his family in peril, Colton is forced to take up arms with an unlikely partner - his 12-year-old daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). The tale leads to a pulse-pounding climactic shootout in time-honoured fashion. This is a classic revenge tale enlivened by the excellent Cage and the novel family dynamic of a father and daughter teaming up to dish out the vengeance.

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Moonage Daydream (15)

Moonage Daydream

A cinematic odyssey exploring David Bowie's creative and musical journey. From visionary filmmaker Brett Morgen, and sanctioned by the Bowie estate.

Brett Morgen’s Moonage Daydream is a 140-minute shapeshifting epiphany-slash-freakout leading to the revelation that, yes, we’re lovers of David Bowie and that is that. It’s a glorious celebratory montage of archive material, live performance footage, Bowie’s own experimental video art and paintings, movie and stage work and interviews with various normcore TV personalities with whom Bowie is unfailingly polite, open and charming. Moonage Daydream is an immersive ride into David Bowie's sound and vision, and leaves you gobsmacked by his creative genius over the course of his 50-year career. A bombastic, overstimulating, poignant, life-affirming and risk-taking summation of a life.

Germany / USA 2022 Brett Morgen 140m

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Enys Men (15)

Enys Men

Bait director Mark Jenkin delivers another eerie prose-poem of a film, about a isolated woman lost inside her own mind.

Set in 1973 on an uninhabited island off the Cornish coast, a wildlife volunteer's daily observations of a rare flower turn into a metaphysical journey that forces her as well as the viewer to question what is real and what is nightmare. Shot on stunning 16mm, the film has a visceral quality that feels both innovative and authentic to the period. Additionally, Jenkin's signature post-sync sound helps to build this dream-like world off the Cornish coast. Its elliptical obscurity is all its own. A singular, near-structureless nightmare that may also be a formal ghost story.

UK 2022 Mark Jenkin 96m

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Babylon (18)


From the director of ‘Whiplash’ and ‘La La Land’ comes a tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess set in early Hollywood. With Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

‘Babylon’ is a fever dream of a movie that’s best witnessed on the big screen. An epic set in 1920s Los Angeles led by Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva, with an ensemble cast including Jovan Adepo, Li Jun Li and Jean Smart. A tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess, it traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.

USA 2022 Damien Chazelle 188m

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The Bad and the Beautiful (Talk) (PG)

The Bad and the Beautiful (Talk)

The Bad and the Beautiful

Movies About the Movies

An illustrated talk on films about filmmaking and filmgoing, from 'Sunset Boulevard' to 'Babylon'.

The year has scarcely begun and yet we have already had three films by major filmmakers whose subject is… films. Films in 1920s Hollywood, in Damien Chazelle’s ‘Babylon’; the early years of a nascent filmmaker in Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’; a 1980s romantic drama about the magic of cinema in Sam Mendes’ ‘Empire of Light’.

Sat 11 Feb 10:30 – In the Auditorium

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Big vs Small (12A)

Big vs Small

An unlikely 5 foot tall big-wave surfer takes on Portugal’s Nazaré in a courageous bid to equal her inner turmoil in this candid portrait of an abuse survivor.

When Filmmaker Minna Dufton started her documentary about elite big wave champion surfer, the "tiny fighter" Joana Andrade who rides the powerhouse waves at Nazaré. Little did she know Joana harboured a secret that could keep her from the waves. A third of the way through Minna Dufton’s documentary, Andrade drops a bombshell: as a 12-year-old she was groomed, drugged and sexually abused by a family friend. t's about power and strength on top of the water and facing demons under it. It's about trust, it's about letting go. This is an unusually candid psychological portrait of a damaged yet resilient human being.

Finland 2020 Minna Dufton 76m

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Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (18)

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

Originally released in a butchered version by MGM but eventually re-edited and restored to its present undisputed classic status.

Documenting the pursuit of outlaw Billy the Kid by Sheriff Pat Garrett, this is arguably Sam Peckinpah’s best film. It’s a treat to see this sad and beautiful film on the big screen. It has an all-pervading sadness and uses Bob Dylan's inspired soundtrack as an extra character, much as Robert Altman lassooed Leonard Cohen into McCabe and Mrs Miller. The singer also puts in a typically enigmatic appearance as "Alias", Kris Kristofferson is good as the kid and the background cast (Harry Dean Stanton, Jack Elam and Slim Pickens among them) is as symbolic of the disappearing western as the film is of the vanishing west.

USA 1973 Sam Peckinpah 122m

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Alcarràs (15)


Carla Simón won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for this buzzing and vibrant ensemble drama about a Catalonian family being evicted from their farm.

As far as they can remember, the Solé family have spent every summer picking the peaches from their orchard in Alcarràs, a small village in Spain. But this year's crop could be their last, as they face eviction. The new plans for the land include cutting down the peach trees and installing solar panels, which causes a rift within the large tight-knit family. For the first time, they face an uncertain future and risk losing more than their home. There are moments of pure joy still to be had across this final summer, ones which Simón renders with an unhurriedly luxurious gaze where you can feel the dirt, smell the food, sense the sun warm on your skin.

Spain/Italy 2022 Carla Simón 120m

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Before Sunrise (15)

Before Sunrise

Can the greatest romance of your life last only one night? Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke star in this ephemeral and sensual love story.

A chance encounter between two solitary young strangers. After they hit it off on a train bound for Vienna, Paris university student Celine and American tourist Jesse impulsively decide to spend the day together before he returns to the US. As the pair roam the city, Richard Linklater’s tenderly observant gaze captures the uncertainty and intoxication of young love. Capturing an effervescent mixture of the mid-90s, it's a striking, authentic observation of two people experiencing a romantically charged connection which would come to erode and inform the shape of their future.

USA/Austria 1995 Richard Linklater 101m

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The Barber of Seville (ROH23) (PG)

The Barber of Seville (ROH23)

The Roya Opera

Expect heart-melting serenades, ridiculous disguises and a fairytale ending waiting just out of reach. From the barber’s opening number ‘Largo al factotum’, with its cry of ‘Figaro!,’ to Rosina’s feisty aria ‘Una voce poco fa,’ Gioachino Rossini’s comic opera is a riotously entertaining affair.

Rafael Payare makes his Royal Opera House debut conducting an outstanding international cast.

Wed 15 Feb 19:00 (LIVE)

Sun 19 Feb 14:30 tbc (Encore)

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The Fabelmans (12A)

The Fabelmans

Part memoir, part ode to the power of the movies, The Fabelmans finds Steven Spielberg digging at the family roots that helped make him a beloved filmmaker - and proves he hasn't lost his magic touch.

Young Sammy Fabelman falls in love with movies after his parents take him to see ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. Armed with a camera, Sammy starts to make his own films at home, much to the delight of his supportive mother. ‘The Fabelmans’ never seems self-serving. It's a humble self-portrait, and the humility is most welcome. Viewers expecting a stirring childhood memoir about the power of cinema may be surprised at how bittersweet and raw the story actually is. But that vulnerability is what makes the film a triumph.

USA 2023 Steven Spielberg 151m

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The Whale (15)

The Whale

A reclusive English teacher suffering from severe obesity attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter for one last chance at redemption.

A bereft Charlie (Fraser) has become a recluse. With his best friend his only contact with the outside world, Charlie is eating himself into an early grave. His health failing, he reaches out to the daughter he abandoned when he fell in love with a man and left his wife. Unfolding in a single room, the film has a rich sense of place – the dusty American mid-west. But its themes are universal: our fundamental need for human connection, a sense that time is unforgiving, and the (occasionally awful) power and responsibility of parenting. With exquisite writing and pitch-perfect performances, ‘The Whale’ is destined to be one of the talking-point films of the year.

USA 2022 Darren Aronofsky 117m

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EO (15)


We follow the experiences of a donkey named Eo through triumphs and disasters in this mesmerizing, exhilarating and poignant journey.

The world is a mysterious place when seen through the eyes of an animal. EO, a grey donkey with melancholic eyes, meets good and bad people on his life's path, experiences joy and pain, endures the wheel of fortune randomly turn his luck into disaster and his despair into unexpected bliss. But not even for a moment does he lose his innocence. EO is an astonishment and so too is this wild, boldly expressionistic movie that conveys the life of its largely silent protagonist with a bare minimum of dialogue. Winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes. (Subtitles)

Poland/Italy 2022 Jerzy Skolimowski 86m

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Othello (NT Live 23) (12A)

Othello (NT Live 23)

NT Live

An extraordinary new production of Shakespeare’s most enduring tragedy, directed by Clint Dyer with a cast that includes Giles Terera, Rosy McEwan, and Paul Hilton. She’s a bright, headstrong daughter of a senator; elevated by her status but stifled by its expectations. He’s a refugee of slavery; having risen to the top of a white world, he finds love across racial lines has a cost.

Thu 23 Feb 19:45

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CineCircle (PG)


Sign up for the next CineCircle  to discuss films seen at New Park.

Choose a warming drink, a glass of wine or beer and one of their excellent snacks.

Don’t forget to book your place via the box office 01243 786650 or online – it’s free!

The January Cine Circle is on Thu 26th from 18:00.

Heads up!

Films to be discussed include Corsage, A Man Called Otto & The Silent Twins.

Wagtail Cafe

Gordon House, 1C-1D,

Church Square,

Chichester PO19 7BD

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Thursday 2 Mar 202318:00 Book Now

Brian & Roger Eno - Live at the Acropolis (12A)

Brian & Roger Eno - Live at the Acropolis

Brian Eno and Roger Eno have been recording together since 1983. This unique musical event not only sees the two brothers performing live together for the first time but unbelievably it’s one of the very rare occasions that Brian Eno has ever performed live in front of an audience.


Famous for their atmospheric music landscapes from legendary productions that include film scores, television soundtracks and ambient records, Brian and Roger perform in front of a sell-out crowd and against a backdrop of spectacular images being projected onto the stones of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus amphitheatre.

For Brian Eno and Roger Eno fans, there is no better way to experience this immersive and mesmerising performance than in a cinema with superior sound and vision. Unforgettable.

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Thursday 2 Mar 202320:30 Book Now

Ealing Films Talk (PG)

Ealing Films Talk

A Mirror for Britain?

Reflections on the Ealing Films

With a screening of ‘The Lavender Hill Mob’ this month and a stage production of the film at the Festival Theatre, we look back at the Ealing catalogue, illustrated with a range of clips of films from the thirties to the fifties. - Rescheduled from 7 Mar.

Sat 4 Mar 10:30 – In the Auditorium

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Saturday 4 Mar 202310:30 Book Now

Audrey Hepburn - From Holland to Hollywood (Talk) (PG)

Audrey Hepburn - From Holland to Hollywood (Talk)

A talk on the life and career of the legendary film and fashion icon.


With a screening of her breakout film ‘Roman Holiday’ this month, we mark the thirtieth anniversary of her death with a look back at the remarkable life of Audrey Hepburn, illustrated by clips from many of her films.

Sat 11 Mar 10:30 - In the Auditorium

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Saturday 11 Mar 202310:30 Book Now

Lohengrin (Met23) (PG)

Lohengrin (Met23)

Met Opera

Wagner’s soaring masterpiece makes its triumphant return to the Met stage after 17 years.

In a sequel to his revelatory production of Parsifal, director François Girard unveils an atmospheric staging that once again weds his striking visual style and keen dramatic insight to Wagner’s breathtaking music. Music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin is on the podium to conduct a supreme cast led by tenor Piotr Beczała in the title role of the mysterious swan knight.

Sun 19 Mar 12:30 (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 19 Mar 202312:30 Book Now

Turandot (ROH 23) (PG)

Turandot (ROH 23)


Puccini’s score is rich in musical marvels - featuring ‘Nessun Dorma’. In the court of Princess Turandot, suitors who fail to solve her riddles are brutally killed. But when a mysterious Prince answers one correctly, suddenly he holds all the power – and a glorious secret.

Thu 23 Mar 19:30 (Delayed live)

Sun 26 Mar 12:30 (Encore)

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Sunday 26 Mar 202312:30 Book Now

Are You Looking at Me? (Scorsese Talk) (15)

Are You Looking at Me? (Scorsese Talk)

The Cinema of Martin Scorsese

With a screening later this month of his period masterpiece ‘The Age of Innocence,’ we look back at the career of the illustrious American auteur, who recently turned 80. Do join our journey into darkest America, and much more besides!

Sat 1 Apr 10:30 – In the Auditorium

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Saturday 1 Apr 202310:30 Book Now

Falstaff (Met23) (PG)

Falstaff (Met23)

Met Opera

Baritone Michael Volle stars as the caddish knight Falstaff, gleefully tormented by a trio of clever women who deliver his comeuppance, in Verdi’s glorious Shakespearean comedy.

Maestro Daniele Rustioni takes the podium to oversee a brilliant ensemble cast that features sopranos Hera Hyesang Park, Ailyn Pérez, and Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano Marie-Nicole Lemieux, tenor Bogdan Volkov, and baritone Christopher Maltman. A deeply human comedy full of humour and genuine emotion, Verdi’s last opera is a splendid finale to an unparalleled career in the theatre.

Sun 2 Apr 14:45 (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 2 Apr 202314:45 Book Now

Der Rosenkavalier (Met23) (PG)

Der Rosenkavalier (Met23)

Met Opera

A dream cast assembles for Strauss’s grand Viennese comedy.

Soprano Lise Davidsen is the aging Marschallin, opposite mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard as her lover Octavian and soprano Erin Morley as Sophie, the beautiful younger woman who steals his heart. Maestro Simone Young takes the Met podium to oversee Robert Carsen’s fin-de-siècle staging. The score of ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ is lush, rich, and romantic to an extraordinary degree.

Sun 16 Apr 12:30 (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 16 Apr 202312:30 Book Now

Good (15)


NT Live

David Tennant is riveting, witty and intensely human in this play by C.P. Taylor, and directed by Dominic Cooke.

Tennant ('Doctor Who') makes a much-anticipated return to the West End in a blistering reimagining of one of Britain’s most powerful, political plays.

As the world faces its Second World War, John Halder, a good, intelligent German professor, finds himself pulled into a movement with unthinkable consequences.

Olivier Award-winner Dominic Cooke ('Follies') directs C.P. Taylor’s timely tale, with a cast that also features Elliot Levey ('Coriolanus') and Sharon Small ('The Bay').

Filmed live at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London.

160m inc Interval

Tickets £17.50

Friends/Students £15

Thu 20 Apr 19:30

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Saturday 22 Apr 202315:00 Book Now

Champion (Met23) (PG)

Champion (Met23)

Met Opera

Six-time Grammy Award–winning composer Terence Blanchard brings his first opera to the Met after his ‘Fire Shut Up in My Bones’ triumphantly premiered with the company to universal acclaim in 2021–22.

Bass-baritone Ryan Speedo Green is the young boxer Emile Griffith, who rises from obscurity to become a world champion, and bass-baritone Eric Owens portrays Griffith’s older self, haunted by the ghosts of his past. Yannick Nézet-Séguin takes the podium for Blanchard’s second Met premiere, also reuniting the director-and-choreographer team of James Robinson and Camille A. Brown.

Sun 7 May 14:30  (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 7 May 202314:30 Book Now

Don Giovanni (Met23) (PG)

Don Giovanni (Met23)

Maet Opera

Aided by his ingenious librettist, Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart approached his operatic retelling of the Don Juan myth from a point of view that is neither tragic nor entirely comic, but rather light-hearted, urbane, and ironic.

Tony Award–winning director Ivo van Hove makes a major Met debut with a new take on Mozart’s tragicomedy, re-setting the familiar tale of deceit and damnation in an abstract architectural landscape and shining a light into the dark corners of the story and its characters. Maestro Nathalie Stutzmann makes her Met debut conducting a star-studded cast led by baritone Peter Mattei, alongside bass-baritone Adam Plachetka. Sopranos Federica Lombardi, Ana María Martínez, and Ying Fang make a superlative trio as Giovanni’s conquests.

Sun 21 May 14:30 (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 21 May 202314:30 Book Now

Die Zauberflote (Met23) (PG)

Die Zauberflote (Met23)

The Magic Flute - Met Opera

The final presentation of this year’s outstanding Met season is one of opera’s most beloved works, receiving its first new Met staging in 19 years - a daring vision by renowned English director Simon McBurney that The Wall Street Journal declared “the best production I’ve ever witnessed of Mozart’s opera.”


Nathalie Stutzmann conducts the Met Orchestra, with the pit raised to make the musicians visible to the audience and allow interaction with the cast. In his Met-debut staging, McBurney lets loose a volley of theatrical flourishes, incorporating projections, sound effects, and acrobatics to match the spectacle and drama of Mozart’s fable.

Sun 4 Jun 14:30 (Delayed Live)

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Sunday 4 Jun 202314:30 Book Now