Nostalgia (15)


Tremendously shot and terrifically acted, this Neapolitan gangster drama from Mario Martone shatters the rose-tinted spectacles. A siren song to the past that confronts us with a violent, unromantic present.

Middle-aged Felice comes back to his hometown after 40 years away. Felice’s boyhood friend Oreste, with whom he indulged in petty crime back in the day, is now a much-feared dead-eyed local mobster, and clearly has something to do with Felice leaving his beloved Naples in the first place. Don Luigi, the local priest is a passionate critic of Oreste and with Felice hatches a plan to draw him out. A punishing story about the passage of time with immense depth and a lingering sensation of solitude that freezes the soul that we haven't seen since Leone's ‘Once Upon a Time in America’.

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