Aftersun (12A)


Paul Mescal and newcomer Frankie Corio give astonishing performances as a father and daughter on holiday, in this moving and reflective debut from Charlotte Wells. One of the best UK films of the year!

Sophie and her dad Calum are on holiday in Turkey in the late 1990s. Despite a rough start (such as Calum’s broken arm and a room with a double bed rather than twins), it should be bliss – the ‘Macarena’ is blaring, the warm air is filled with the smell of sunscreen and Sophie is capturing it all on her mini-DV cam. However, cracks begin to emerge in the façade Calum is trying to maintain to give Sophie a perfect holiday. ‘Aftersun’ is stunner, a heartbreaker on love, grief and the random moments in life that solidify into haunting memories. Lyrical without ever being obtuse, it's a film that flourishes when attention is paid to details.

UK/USA 2022 Charlotte Wells 102m

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