The Wonder (15)

The Wonder

Florence Pugh is miraculously good as a nurse investigating an alleged miracle in a captivating period thriller about the dangers of religious fervour.

Lib is called out to remote Ireland in the 1860s to investigate and assist on the case of Anna, an 11-year-old girl who hasn’t eaten for four months yet remains bizarrely healthy. She’s one of two women, the other being a nun, asked to watch her in shifts, reporting back on any explanation for something so potentially miraculous. As the film develops from a spooky Brontë romance into a pointed indictment of society, it takes aim at some familiar targets, but the dramatic impact is powerful. Director Sebastián Lelio (‘A Fantastic Woman’) has always been a talented filmmaker with a unique creative flare, and ‘The Wonder’ is no exception.

Ireland/UK/USA 2022 Sebastián Lelio 103m

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