Close (12A)


International Panorama: France

Cannes Grand Prize winner of 2002, and nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar this year. Two teenage boys who have always been close, distance themselves after their relationship is questioned by schoolmates.

When tragedy strikes, one of them is forced to confront why he abandoned his friend. ‘Close’ proves a wonderful cinematographic balancing act, both incisive and thought-provoking, which combines realism, lyricism and melodrama with touching smoothness and without a hint of excess. Dhont’s feature debut ‘Girl’, about a transgender girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina, won the Cannes Camera d’Or and the Queer Palm in 2018. This, is an unmissable follow-up. Previewed at the French Film Festival at New Park ast year (Subtitles)

France/Belgium 2022 Lukas Dhont 105m

Fri 7 Apr 15:45

Mon 10 Apr 20:15

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