Sleep (15)



A young, expectant wife must figure out how to stop her husband's nightmarish sleepwalking habits before he harms himself or his family. A quality chiller!

Two young and charming expectant parents are happily thriving together in a small urban apartment. A very pregnant Soo-jin (Jung Yu-mi) whole-heartedly supports her husband, Hyun-su (Lee Sun-kyun), as he pursues a moderately successful acting career. One night, she finds him sitting silently at the edge of their bed. He then ominously says, “Someone is inside”, before collapsing into a deep sleep. This is a thriller/horror that will leave you guessing. Like the almost supernatural landscape of slumber, Yu’s brilliant debut is at times mysterious, but thhere is no room for rest, as each scene, each character and each beat of this film are tightly crafted with precision and attention to detail.

South Korea 2023 Jason You 95m

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