The Almond and the Seahorse (15)

The Almond and the Seahorse

What happens when you're ambushed by time? An archaeologist and an architect fight to re-imagine a future after traumatic brain injury leaves them adrift from the people they love.

Sarah (Rebel Wilson) is an archaeologist who is trying to juggle professional and personal responsibilities, while her partner Joe (Celyn Jones) slips away a piece at a time. He has trouble retaining memories and often forgets who and where he is – leaving Sarah reliant on various routines which safely control his day.  Toni (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her partner Gwen (Trine Dyrholm) form the other part of this relationship equation. Gwen suffered a similar injury following a car crash and has been losing pieces of herself for over ten years. Linking both relationships together is Doctor Falmer (Meera Syal), who continues to treat both Gwen and Joe, even though their respective partners seem to be in perpetual denial. This is a life-affirming drama about loved ones dealing with long-term brain injury, with Rebel Wilson (seen in a new light here) and Charlotte Gainsbourg being the highlights.

UK 2022 Celyn Jones & Tom Stern 96m

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