The Great White Silence (12A)

The Great White Silence

In 1910 the British Antarctic Expedition, led by Capt. Robert F. Scott, embarks from Lyttleton, NZ on a quest to become the first to reach the South Pole.

Part of the thrill watching this extraordinary record of Captain Scott's doomed race to the South Pole is knowing that its original audiences were watching these spectacular sights on film for the first time: killer whales; querulous penguins; fearsome crystal cliffs of ice. Ponting was the expedition's official photographer, and the BFI spent years beautifully restoring his footage – which he edited into this silent feature film in 1924. The intertitles function as narration, often with direct reference to the director and the filmmaking process. They often have a certain dry wit to them too, which keeps things amusing throughout. We will also be screening the ‘The Epic of Everest’ this season which traces the Himalayan expedition of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine.

UK 1922 Herbert G. Ponting 80m

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