Cobweb (15)


Things go bump in the night in this derivative, pulpy and very very scary ‘monster in the basement’ movie.

Eight-year-old Peter is plagued by a mysterious, constant tap, tap from inside his bedroom wall – a tapping that his parents insist is all in his imagination. As Peter’s fear intensifies, he believes that his parents (Lizzy Caplan and Antony Starr) could be hiding a terrible, dangerous secret and questions their trust. And for a child, what could be more frightening than that? The film benefits from strong performances and a haunting atmospheric tone. Chris Thomas Devlin’s script has enough sick, witty ideas to make the fearsome goings-on seem fresh and immediate. The second of four horror films this season that make up the Chichester Cinema Creepy Carnival that leads up to Halloween.

USA 2023 Samuel Bodin 88m

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