A Haunting in Venice (12A)

A Haunting in Venice

In post-World War II Venice, Poirot, now retired and living in his own exile, reluctantly attends a séance. But when one of the guests is murdered, it is up to the former detective to once again uncover the killer.

Kenneth Branagh returns with his stunning portrayal of detective Hercule Poirot in the newest Agatha Christie adaptation, ‘A Haunting in Venice,’ based on her novel ‘Hallowe'en Party’. For the third time, Branagh will be directing and starring. Agatha Christie remains the best-selling fiction author of all time and the queen of whodunits. This time her Belgian protagonist is retired and living a secluded life in Venice, when he is invited to a séance and begrudgingly attends. When a guest is murdered at the haunted palazzo where the séance is held, Poirot must come out of retirement and put his hung-up detective skills back to work. In doing so, he uncovers a hidden world of secrets and awakens the ghosts of a forgotten past.

USA 2023 Kenneth Branagh 103m

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