Klokkenluider (15)


Ewan, a government whistleblower, and Silke, his forthright Flemish wife are sent to a remote country house in west Belgium. Joined by two close protection officers, they await the arrival of a British journalist.

From its early scenes of bickering, awkwardness and rising tension, through to its shockingly violent ending, this elegantly constructed, endlessly intriguing black comedy shares the combined DNA of 1970s US conspiracy thrillers, British kitchen-sink dramas and Pinteresque stage comedies. A confined story of mismatched people thrown together in a rural hideout. But it is the bold play of diverse influences, pitch-black gallows humour, sharply amusing dialogue and stark, perceptive characterisation that singles out director Maskell as a singular talent behind the camera. Mightily impressive and dripping with dark humour, this is a short and glorious little British film.

UK 2022 Neil Maskell 80m

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