Mob Land (15)

Mob Land

A sheriff tries to keep the peace when a desperate family man violently robs a pill mill with his brother-in-law, alerting an enforcer for the New Orleans mafia.

Deep in the heart of Dixie, in a small town struggling with the ravages of addiction, a local sheriff (John Travolta) tries to maintain the peace when desperate family man Shelby (Shiloh Fernandez) robs a pill mill with his reckless brother-in-law, Trey (Kevin Dillon). But the supposedly easy score takes a violent turn, alerting the New Orleans mafia's revenge-seeking enforcer (Stephen Dorff), who threatens Shelby's wife (Ashley Benson) and daughter. With its unpredictable twists and turns, ‘Mob Land’ is a heart-pounding, action thriller shaded with thoughtful ruminations on guilt and the dying of the American Dream.

Canada 2023 Nicholas Maggio 111m

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